The North Drift


The North Drift

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2020
Length: 80 min & 45 min
Director: Steffen Krones
Production: ravir film

After a profound experience on the Lofoten Islands, filmmaker Steffen Krones from Dresden begins to build buoys to track the paths of plastic waste through german and international waters. In the process, he meets scientists and companions who support him in his project. Steffen travels north with the buoys - a road trip that opens his eyes to the condition of our waters and the need for substantial change.



A German beer bottle washed up on an island of the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Ocean, inaccessible by foot. Where did it come from? All the way from Germany? Or was it a careless tourist who disposed of it in the ocean? Back in Dresden, the subject continues to concern filmmaker Steffen Krones. Not only does he rack his brain about the mass of things washed up, but also about their origin and history. Is Dresden and its waters connected to the Arctic Circle?

In his documentary, Steffen embarks on a personal journey northwards, following the paths of the river trash. Together with his friend and neighbor, the aspiring industrial designer Paul Weiß, he begins to build GPS buoys capable of travelling as far as the North Sea. With the support of renowned marine biologists and scientists such as Dr. Lars Gutow and Dr. Melanie Bergmann, he attempts to document the course of plastic waste first in the Elbe River and finally in the North Sea; thereby investigating the correlation to the continuous pollution of the Arctic Ocean.

At the same time, we learn more about Kris – an Inuit and friend of Steffen's who, as a tour guide in the Arctic Ocean, wants to show tourists the beauty of nature, but also the devastating impact of human behaviour through plastic pollution. Both men are united by the desire to put an end to the pollution of nature by plastic waste. Their stories, their ups and downs in the struggle for a solution intertwine and show that we are all part of the cycle and each individual has the power to make a difference.


Who is behind the project?


Steffen Krones (Director)

is a German director and filmmaker. Born in Dresden, skateboarding led him out into the wide world and brought him to film as well. In collaboration with other filmmakers (such as Sebastian Linda, Torsten Frank or Sven Sauer) he created award-winning videos, short films and documentaries. One of them was the documentary "The Journey of the Beasts", which won many festival awards and was presented as a MUST SEE on ARD. As a freelance filmmaker he works across media and genre for film, television and internet productions.


Uwe Nadler (Producer)

is one of the company directors of ravir film GbR and works mainly in the areas of production, direction and camera. Between 2002 and 2009, he studied geography and media informatics at the Technical University of Dresden. Already before and during his studies, he worked as a cameraman and producer on various cinematic projects – mostly in the field of visualizations, later also in the field of documentaries. His interest and focus lies on documentary projects with artistic and socio-political relevance.


Mathias Schulte Ontrop (Producer)

Mathias, born in 1980, is a local from Bergisch-Gladbach. Already during his sports studies in Cologne, he started working in event management and organized mainly outdoor and adventure events for well-known companies and clients.
In this context, and later in his role as Senior Executive Producer at the photo and film production company Natural Born Explorers, he traveled and worked in a wide variety of countries. Steffen and he met during the filming of the "Jack Wolfskin" commercials.
Mathias works as a freelance photographer, producer and event manager in Cologne. His specialization in outdoor and travel formats makes him an expert in cross-national film productions with a focus on nature and the environment.


Axel Rothe (Camera)

Axel Rothe, born in Darmstadt in 1993, has been successfully supervising commercials & feature films in image and color design and technical-artistic implementation as a visual engineer for over 7 years.
His company Van Rothe, based in Berlin and Leipzig, provides crew and technology from the camera department to film productions in Berlin and MDM area.
As a lecturer he teaches color grading, camera & lighting design and new digital workflows in his workshop series "Creating the Look Academy", which is held in Berlin as well as Leipzig.

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