The Lifeline Mission


The Lifeline Mission

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2019
Length: 68 min
Director: Markus Weinberg
Co-Director: Luise Baumgarten
Production: ravir film

Their goal: to save refugees from drowning. For this purpose, Axel Steier and his team from the Dresden-based sea rescue association "Mission Lifeline" have successfully collected donations. They plan to embark on a trip to the Mediterranean Sea with their own vessel. In his own hometown Dresden, Axel Steier’s idea is not only receiving love. In addition to public hatred, he has to endure attacks, investigations and lawsuits. And then, the reality at sea: loss of oil, refugee boats sinking in front of their eyes, even shooting by Libyan militias. For more than two years, we accompanied Axel and his team with our camera – all the way to the Libyan coast, where the attempt to save lives increasingly turns into a fight for the European idea.


Previous Festivals

3rd COURAGE FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Berlin, Germany) April 21, 2020
10th LUXEMBOURG CITY FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Luxembourg) March 11-12, 2020
8th CHENNAI INT'L DOCUMENTARY AND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Chennai, India) February 19, 2020
24th CAMINHOS FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Coimbra, Portugal) November 23, 2019
25th KOLKATA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Kolkata, India) November 8-15, 2019
8th SLUM FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Nairobi, Kenya) August 23, 2019
1st WEST EUROPE - FUSION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALS (Official Selection, Brussels, Belgium) August 17, 2019
4th REGINA INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Regina, Canada) August 13, 2019
THE MOST IMPORTANT FILMS 2019 - FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Las Vegas, USA) July 26, 2019
2nd HONG KONG FILM ART INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong) July 6, 2019
34th DOK.FEST MUNICH 2019 (Official Selection, Munich, Germany) May 8, 2019

Kinotour A-Z

Freiburg // Universität (24.10.19)
Freiburg // Kino Friedrichsbau (5.-7.6.19)
Gröbenzell // Gröbenlichspiele (14.8.19)
Göttingen (30.8.19, 20 Uhr)
Hagen // Kulturzentrum Pelmke (9.1.20)
Halle // MACH Festival (5.7.19)
Hamburg // Abaton (28.5.19)
Hamburg // Schanzenkino (ab 23.5.19)
Hannover // Kino am Raschplatz (28.8.19, 18 Uhr)
Hannover // Kommunales Kino (ab 25.5.19)
Ingolstadt // Altstadtkinos (3.6.19, 19 Uhr)
Ingolstadt // Galerie Harderbastei (9.7.19, 19.30 Uhr)
Karlsruhe // Schauburg (ab 25.5.19)
Kiel // Studio Kinos (7.7.19, 12 Uhr)
Konstanz // Zebra Kino (12.11.19)
Krakau (ab 20.6.19)
Landsberg // Olympia Filmtheater (ab 1.6.19)
Leipzig // Cineding (ab 15.8.19)
Leipzig // Cinematheque (ab 13.8.19)
Leipzig // Die Nato (13./14.8.19, 19.30 Uhr)

Who is behind the project?


Markus Weinberg (Director/Editing)

Born in Dresden in 1983, Markus Weinberg studied political science, modern and contemporary history and sociology in Dresden. Even before his time as a student and competitive racing cyclist, Weinberg traveled the world, always bringing back stories. For a few years now, he has been busy telling them. He worked, among other things, as a freelance editor for MDR, as a video journalist throughout Saxony and as a print editor for the Dresdner Morgenpost. These days, Markus works as a freelance editor/ video journalist/ documentary filmmaker.


Luise Baumgarten (Co-director/Editing)

During her studies at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden, Luise already looked into different kinds of media to tell stories with. Whether in film, theatre or art projects, Luise has "worked through" almost all creative stages and thrives on developing concepts and ideas. One way to put this passion into practice: as our editor and co-director for “Mission Lifeline”, she infuses the film with her eye, her ideas and also her dramaturgy

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