Savas Coban - Extreme Ultramarathon World Record



This year we will accompany an extreme athlete on a daring ultramarathon world record that has never been attempted by anyone before. Savas Coban will run an ultramarathon every day through all climate zones, regions & altitudes of fascinating Peru, min. 4000km and up to over 5500m above sea level. 

The project is extraordinary, dangerous and very personal with an inspiring background story that makes you want to just run. Always off-road/ trail, packed only with the bare necessities and completely on your own, in one of the most exciting and diverse countries in the world. Products be tested in unusual terrain like never before. It will be pushed to sport enthusiasts daily via a long-term large scale social media strategy. Produced into a stunning documentary film as a grand highlight. 


What channels do we serve?

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn 

Which formats do we create? 

There will be video diaries similar to Jonas Deichmann, and additional platform-dependent media posts pushed to sport enthusiasts in regular intervals during his run. This has allowed us to gain great exposure for the whole project. 

What is our/ Savas' reach? 

Currently, Savas has: IG: 20.4k followers, TikTok: 30.6k followers & 1m - 5.1m clicks on video releases. With Jonas, we started with 40k followers. Since the start of our campaign, Jonas Deichmann's social media channels & media reach have exploded up to 500%, and the numbers are still growing. Savas Coban is a newcomer with great potential and already great media attention (e.g. V: Pro7 Taff (400k), RTL News, Bedo Late Night, Frühcafé, Turkish TV (>2m)). With a targeted marketing campaign (see Jonas Deichmann) he will be at least as well known as Jonas after his extreme ultra run. 

Which sports do we cover? 

Extreme sports, ultra running, running, outdoor

How do we want to work together? 

Brand partner and content creation in outdoor, adventure, sports, running, ultra running, extreme sports
Savas as brand ambassador -> Savas is an extreme athlete, home to all things sport. 

USP / Added value

  • New world record: an extreme sporting achievement that no ultra runner has ever done before - through fascinating Peru.
  • The project is unique, dangerous and very personal: all trail/off-road and completely self-supported without assistance.
  • Products can be tested in all climates, regions and altitudes: coast, desert, jungle, snow-covered Andes.
  • Authentic brand integration -> documentary-style advertising that connects with audiences over time and at a deeper level than traditional advertising.
  • Reach: large-scale marketing campaign, as with Jonas Deichmann with a media reach of over 100 million.
  • High-quality filming/ content  

Does this sound interesting?

Get in contact with us and become a Brand-Partner!


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