Jonas Deichmann - Thriathlon around the world

Documentary / Adventure

"Jonas Deichmann - Thriathlon around the world"

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2021
Length: ca. 95 min
Director: Markus Weinberg, Steffi Rostoski
Production: ravir film

Multiple world record holder and extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann plunges into his next adventure - perhaps the most spectacular and longest triathlon of all time, from Munich to Munich once around the world. The 120 times Ironman distance tests his very limits – mental and physical – and yet he lives his life according to the motto "vale la pena" – it is worth the pain. Who is this man whom seemingly nothing – not even a global pandemic – can stop?

Jonas Deichmann_Triathlon around the world
Jonas Deichmann_Preparation Norway


Once around the globe – from Munich to Munich – running, swimming, biking. Extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann has covered almost 40,000 kilometers on his incredible journey around the world. Completely unsupported, he cycles through Europe and Asia, swims from Karlobag along the Croatian coast to Dubrovnik and runs thousands of kilometers across Mexico. And things don't always go according to plan, as Jonas begins his journey in the midst of the Corona pandemic. Suddenly, important travel routes are closed overnight; border crossings become a feat of endurance, presenting him with unforeseeable challenges. He begins his journey almost alone, but increasingly the news of the "crazy German" spreads. And what happens next leaves all expectations behind: Jonas becomes a phenomenon, a symbol for a way of life. Because on his journey, he shares something with people that seems to have been lost in the dark hours of the Corona-years: hope.  

We accompanied Jonas on his fourteen-month-long adventure and were right with him as he mastered the enormous mental and physical challenge. The result is a documentary film that traces the core of human motivation; that tells of extreme experiences and the personal will to persevere..




Jonas' adventure began at the end of September 2020, when he set off from Munich to Croatia by bicycle. There he swam 456 kilometers along the coast to Dubrovnik. Back on the bike, Jonas crossed Europe & Russia until he reached the coast. On the next stretch, he ran once across Mexico, from Tijuana to Cancun. Arriving in Portugal, he went back to Munich by bike.  




Who is behind the project?


Jonas Deichmann (Extreme athlete | Protagonist)

Growing up in the northern Black Forest, Jonas doesn't stay in one place for long. He loves adventure, is always looking for new challenges to test his limits and to break world records. In 2017, he crossed Eurasia as the first person with human power and a world record for the fastest cycling in Europe and Eurasia. Then in 2018, the next record - once lengthwise across the America unassisted in just 97 days. A year later, the three major continental crossings of the world at record speed - 18,000 km from Cape North to Cape Town in 72 days. As a motivational speaker, he shares his inspiring stories and unwavering optimism with the world.


Uwe Nadler (Producer)

is one of the company directors of ravir film GbR and works mainly in the areas of production, direction and camera. Between 2002 and 2009, he studied geography and media informatics at the Technical University of Dresden. Already before and during his studies, he worked as a cameraman and producer on various cinematic projects – mostly in the field of visualizations, later also in the field of documentaries. His interest and focus lies on documentary projects with artistic and socio-political relevance.


Markus Weinberg (Director)

Born in Dresden in 1983, Markus Weinberg studied political science, modern and contemporary history and sociology in Dresden. Even before his time as a student and competitive racing cyclist, Weinberg traveled the world, always bringing back stories. For a few years now, he has been busy telling them. He worked, among other things, as a freelance editor for MDR, as a video journalist throughout Saxony and as a print editor for the Dresdner Morgenpost. These days, Markus works as a freelance editor/ video journalist/ documentary filmmaker.


Steffi Rostoski (Co-Director)

The graduate media scientist, Japanologist and book studies graduate lived for several years in Dallas, Tokyo and London, where she worked her way through the production of numerous film projects and theatre festivals. Back in Germany, she initially worked in the literature field, as an editor and agent at the semmelblond literary agency. That is where she encountered her love of the small, narrative detail: with fervor, she devotes herself to the questions and subtleties that make stories really come to life. She is passionate about writing and conceptualizing texts, stories and dramaturgies, to which she has also dedicated herself in her production work at ravir film.

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