Tanja Braun - Global Desert Race - Ultramarathon



The experienced desert runner and adventurer Tanja Braun embarks on her most significant adventure yet: an ultramarathon through 10 different deserts spanning 10 countries. She ventures completely alone into the most life-threatening regions of our planet. Her ultimate goal is to sustain and preserve a liveable world for everyone.


What channels do we serve?

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn 

Which formats do we create? 

We focus on creating a cinema documentary, various TV Formats and content for platforms like Netflix. Additionally, we'll produce video diaries similar to those by Jonas Deichmann. We'll also share platform-specific media posts with sports enthusiasts at regular intervals during his run. This strategy has helped us gain significant exposure for the entire project.

• Tanja’s extraordinary journey will be showcased through a captivating cinema documentary and TV series.
• Expect large-scale cinema tours, international TV broadcasts & distribution, global social media exposure and film distribution and platforms like Netflix.
• Additionally, a book will be released, allowing fans to delve deeper into Tanja’s inspiring story.

What is our/ Tanjas' reach? 

The experiences from past projects show that, together with all channels and publications, we can reach a minimum of 100 million people. Our partner agencies in the field of press work and social media ads are building a comprehensive planned campaign here. Additionally, we will significantly expand their existing channels, such as Instagram, which currently has only around 10,000 followers, over the course of time.

AMBITIOUS MARKETING CAMPAIGN: media reach of over 100 million (see Jonas Deichmann and Savas Coban).

MEDIA PRESENCE: international TV distribution, global social media exposure/ reach and film distribution via platforms like Netflix.

Which sports do we cover? 

Extreme sports, ultra running, running, outdoor

How do we want to work together? 

Brand partner and content creation in outdoor, adventure, sports, running, ultra running, extreme sports Tanja as brand ambassador.



UNIQUE FEMINITY & TARGET GROUP: a charasmatic, attractive, strong-willed middle aged woman -> new target group withe 80% females

VALUE & IMPACT: Tanja is deeply committed to environmental protection, sustainability awareness, community, and solidarity.

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: Tanja’s story creates a powerful emotional bond w/ audiences

URGENCY & RELEVANCE: Given the spirit of our times, this project resonates with urgency. The topic is highly relevant and more crucial than ever. a deeply personal project, and a matter of the heart.


Does this sound interesting?

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