Reality or non reality, a little bit of both


What is it about?

Climate change a little different: Climate change is present in the media. It is accompanied by a tremendous problem of perception. We act around it, we think around it and we even see around it. This is not happening out of ignorance but out of the human inability to understand the issue of climate change in its entirety.
You will see polar bears come crashing down in front of a tower building - Is this climate change? It is an abstract problem, which is always endangered to be overlooked among of all the other catastrophes in the media.
A journey to a country, afflicted by the climate change, leads us to a one-onone interview with a small-scale farmer named Lorenzo. This movie is not about how climate change impacts his field rather it shows how differently
climate change is perceived by us, as urbanites, than by the farmers from rural Bolivia.
Presented as a film collage of live-action film and animation, the film shows
various perceptions [of the same reality.]

Objectives and target groups

With the amazing reach of cinematic art we aim to address a complex, global problem from a very personal  perspective without scientific dogma or finger-wagging. The documentary displays our methods of perception and shall entice the audience, to develop an independent understanding for such abstract problems.
The movie has already been produced in German, Spanish and German with English subtitles and we are only few steps away from an English audio version. We are now in the process of submitting it to several international film festivals with the hope of reaching and appealling to as many people as possible, since climate change is an issue, which affects all of us. After the film festival run we would like to present our documentary on television. Even though this is not an easy task, especially with such a topic, we already reseived positive feedback about a possible broadcast during the short film night of the MDR and from a similar program of the public service broadcasting.
We also hope to reach the general public online where we can offer the film for free on platforms like Moreover we plan to spread the documentary trough ECOMOVE. ECOMOVE is a Germany-wide and internationally operating non-profit organisation, which commits itself to customise visual media on the subject of environment and sustainability.

Who is behind the project?

Martin David was stuck on the idea and realised it together with ravir film GbR Dresden. Martin David is employed as a scientific assistant at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) in Essen and researches in the field of climate awareness and the meaning of knowledge in context of renewable energies.

ravir film GbR is a production company based in Dresden. The term ravir is derived from the French term ravir qn and means to delight or to inspire. The company was founded 2002 by four students who shared a passion for video art and installation and who then turned this passion into their profession.



In his blog, the eco-electricity provider focused on a climate denier. As this issue is connected with  perception, they wrote a detailed piece about the planned documentary Reality or Non-Reality.




Our documentary „reality or non-reality“ will be screened as part of the Festival of Nations program in Lenzing, Austria, on Friday, 6th June. Director Uwe Nadler and author Martin David will be around for a Q&A session with the festival audience after the screening.

Festival start date: 6th June 2014
End of the festival: 12th June 2014




We would like to thank all our supporters for their personal contribution. Without your support the realisation of the film would not have been possible. This is a non-commercial project, which was produced by ravir.



Even after the premiere you can still support the project. How many people the film can reach also depends on your support. Writing about the project, integrating the film and/or any financial support, will help us a lot. Even the smallest amounts would support us. Starting at 10 € donation, you will be mentioned as supporter in the screen credits and you will get a voucher for a fullHDquality download of the film. At the moment we are working to release an English audio version.